FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How long should I wear Sure Vision?

Wear Sure Vision for 5-10 minutes initially while reading, working on computer or watching TV to get used to seeing through the pin holes. Frequent use will result in clarity of vision.

2. Who can use this eye wear?

Irrespective of age groups, anyone can use Sure Vision. It is extremely beneficial for people with refractive errors.

3. Can I use it outdoors?

Do not wear Sure Vision while driving or going outdoors for safety considerations as it may block peripheral vision.

4. Should I minimize the use of prescription glasses?

Substituting the overpowered glasses with Sure Vision helps improve vision clarity gradually. Use whenever it is safe and appropriate.

5. How to store the Cool Mask?

Store Cool Mask at a cool and dry place. Do not store this at a place of bright sunshine.